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To travel in an other way

in an Eco-responsible accommodation


"There are places in the world where dreaming, moving and stopping becomes an evidence, where nature invites us to abandonment, and to a return to the original sources"

We invite you to experience these emotional moments.

Sylvie & Nasser

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Our ecological awareness and our concern for the preservation of local heritage have led us since the beginning of our activity to actively engage in the path of Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. Everything has been thought out and designed for perfect harmony with the natural environment and its protection.

Azul means " Peace " in the Berber language. "La Kasbah of Peace" is what defines this unique place in a magical setting in total immersion in nature. A Garden of Eden for Slow Travel travelers in search of soothing resources in an authentic, healthy and protected environment and in search of a friendly and family atmosphere.

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The authenticity of a One Thousand & One Nights Kasbah in an intimate and warm setting

In harmony with the surrounding nature, the Kasbah Azul was built with natural bioclimatic materials and made by local artisans in the pure tradition of ancestral techniques from southern Morocco. The adobe earth bricks made on site and dried in the sun were laid in double thickness to ensure better insulation.

All dressed in terracotta floors, walls in clay &lime, Tadelakt, ceilings in reeds, this elegant Kasbah offers you a warm atmosphere in a refined and personalized decor all Ethno-Chic where tradition meets the spirit of innovation.

The perspectives, shapes, softness and colours of the natural interior coatings have been carefully thought to reveal with elegance the charm of this majestic Berber architecture. Surrounded by a large garden you will have access from the kasbah to multiple intimate places and different points of view.

The Kasbah



Garden & Pool
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The one-hectare private oasis of the Kasbah Azul Ecolodge makes it a unique and privileged place to spend a stay in fullness and to relax fully.

This "jungle" oasian of ancient palm trees present at our arrival has been embellished over time by the planting of a multitude of varieties of plants and trees of all kinds. A oasis of dream where some nights the sweet perfume of jasmine, henna and orange blossom enchants the beauty of the starry sky that is so unique at the gates of the desert area !

To perfect the beauty of the place, you can enjoy a large pool of 13.5 x 6 (heated from April to October) where you can relax in the sun or in the shade of palm trees, oleanders and clementine trees.

Pool side, vegetable garden side or perched with a panoramic view, many outdoor spaces are available to you to enjoy intimate moments.

According with the ecological ethics of the Kasbah, the garden and the vegetable garden are managed in permaculture and enriched with natural fertilizers derived from animal manure or composting of food waste.

The preservation of water is at its maximum in the supply of the domain by a general drip system and the treatment by oxygenation of the wastewater recovered for the  watering of trees and flowers.

The Gastronomy


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Sylvie & Naima will make you discover an inventive cuisine with exclusive recipes "Made in Kasbah Azul". Flavors all as surprising as original from of Oriental cuisine, harmonized with talent with the French cuisine and elsewhere! such as our fresh cheese on a bed of cucumbers glazed with honey and candied tomatoes  with spices, our orange Chicken tagine with saffron and honey with caramelized pears with orange blossom, our Mouhalabia with rose water revisited with Franco -Moroccan flavours with its salted butter caramel from Guérande and toasted almonds, our crispy date creams and… many other recipes!

For your comfort, the heated and air-conditioned dining room will welcome you for the winter evenings or the hottest lunchtime in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In warm season you can enjoy your dinners in a romantic atmosphere under the starry sky around the pool.

To liven things up, we serve you an organic food from our vegetable garden grown in permaculture or fresh products exclusivity local.