The Magic of an Oasis


Guest house in Agdz in the south of Morocco

 The Draa Valley is one of the most beautiful and varied regions of Morocco but also one of the most typical: Impressive and amazing landscapes and varied. A lush nature with its fertile palm grove , rich in fauna and flora , its vastness desert, its fortified Ksours (villages) and its old Kasbahs marked by the rich History  of the famous "Caravans road" coming back from Sub Sahara Africa, loaded with precious foodstures.

The Draa Oasis begins in Agdz and extends on 200 km to M'Hamid. A unique oasis and one of the most spectacular in the world with its rich and abundant natural ecosystem, its ancestral methods of exploitation such as its system of irrigation by canals (seguias). A real Garden of Eden not to be missed ,where the sweetness of live and the kindness and hospitality of the Berber people make it a magical place!

The Draâ is the longest river in Morocco stretching over 1000 kilometres and taking its source in the high Atlas to jump into the Altantic Ocean at Tan-Tan  . If today unfortunately  the Draâ doesn't flow as much as the past and fills its bed along the Draâ valley only episodically because is managed by a dam from Ouarzazate, the fact remains that the rivers over the centuries have shaped the mountains of canyons that make it today a impressive  landscape. Travel between Agdz and M'Hamid among the vastness of this mineral landscape offers an unforgettable feeling of escape.

This "lunar" landscape is followed by the great Sahara and its Touareg culture. A sea of dunes as far as the eye can see, majestic, changing, purplishing at sunrise and sunset, pure and felted silence.
A unique serenity moment  that often calls people to another trip !  

The sun shines all year long in the Draâ Valley. The best periods are undoubtedly spring and autumn to enjoy the best temperatures and the best lights. Winter evenings from mid-November to February can be cool but it's possible to sunbathe in the sun during the day if the wind doesn't blow. From late June to early September temperatures can be on the other hand high especially in the desert.


Agdz is located at an altitude of 950 m, so it's less hot there in summer than in Marrakech .
If you are traveling during the warm season the Kasbah Azul being located in the palm grove offers the advantage of a milder temperature, to be a bioclimatic house, an air conditioned establishment and above all to be equipped with a large swimming pool to refresh you!

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Douar Aslim
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  Kasbah Azul

Guest house in Agdz - Draâ Valley - South of Morocco

Hotel working for responsible Tourism

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maison d'hotes kasbah azu agdz vallée du dra

Since 2007

one of the best addresses in the south of Morocco



Photos  : Martin Dady
                Yvan Estepa - Rosa frei - kasbah Azul